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InsightSofa Enterprise™

InsightSofa One Touch™

InsightSofa nps2go™

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InsightSofa Enterprise™

Our most powerful tool for data and customer feedback collection based on the proven Net Promoter Score® methodology. Detailed reports help you to identify strengths and weaknesses as your customers see them. Analyse trends, get improvement recommendations. Identify unhappy customers even before they decide to leave.

Reliable overview about your branches and personnel

InsightSofa One Touch™

Use this solution for quick and effective customer feedback collection in all of your locations. From service and personnel quality to product selection or cleanliness of premises. Our feedback terminals are available immediately. Promote your brand or services. Letcustomers give you their feedback in matter of seconds. Show your personnel, what impact on Customer Experience they can have.

Looking for fast and one-time only survey?

InsightSofa nps2go™

With nps2go™ you can get quick and reliable service for customer feedback collection. Our solution allows to interact with customers without any system integration. nps2go™ is readily available for one-time surveys. We will guide you through the entire process. Moreover, your data is still available if you decide to move to a real-time and continuous CX solution in the future. Such as InsightSofa Enterprise™.

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Customer oriented organization

Focus where it matters

Measuring is just a start. Every level of your organisation can now listen to your customers and employees thanks to a friendly and user specific data presentation. Get commitment and collaborate where it matters. Use InsightSofa to achieve sustainable growth and build Customer Experience oriented business.

Stress Free Implementation

Start today.
Grow tomorrow.

Stay ahead of the game and use the power of your customer’s words. Gain a competitive advantage with the correct use of the NPS® and focus on Customer Experience Management. With InsightSofa you are not only getting a proven enterprise solution but also our experience and help with the most efficient implementation.

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