The InsightSofa system was designed for maximum security of our customers’ data. This page informs you on the most important elements of your safety.

Secured servers

The data necessary to operate the applications reside on secure servers, which are subject to strict security rules. Non-stop security guard, non-stop technical supervision, self-extinguishing fire safety system, a camera surveillance system and other security elements.

Encrypted connection

Any exchange of information between the client and the application is performed via the encrypted SSL protocol. The application is available via the secure https:// protocol. Your Net Promoter Score is thus entirely safe.

Guaranteed service availability

We offer guaranteed server availability of around 99.5% in the long run.

Platform scalability

Should you need faster performance or a larger capacity of resources for your application, it can all be done within a few minutes, thanks to a modern cloud solution.

What does it all mean?

We provide our clients with an absolutely confidential and secure service that meets all the demands of a modern and secure company.