Customer retention

InsightSofa includes advanced customer retention management using Net Promoter Score. Based on to predefined rules the system can automatically open cases of dissatisfied customers and assign them to appropriate employees. It will make sure that your dissatisfied customers are served at the earliest possible moment and turned back to become your supporters.

How does it work?

As soon as InsightSoft registers a dissatisfied customer it informs your retention center immediately. Retention center gets accurate information as to why the customer is dissatisfied and is responsible for solving the case immediately. There is an interface available for this purpose, where the exact steps to resolve the problem can be documented.

Processing a case

You can define the lower limit of your customers’ rating that you want to pay attention to. When a customer enters a rating value lower than the limit, a case is opened immediately. Company management can then check online anytime to track how many cases are currently open, how many are in the process of being solved and how many have been successfully resolved.

Who can resolve a case?

You can either add your own employees to the retention system or you can outsource the processing to an external agency. It would get a special account with only those tools available which are necessary to successfully address retention activities.