InsightSofa provides all Net Promoter Score reports in real time without any delay. It provides deep yet comprehensible insight into your organization as evaluated by your customers. You can thus easily filter on all suspect activities and read customers’ suggestions for their improvement right away.

Overall view and detailed view

InsightSoft provides the ability to view any part of your organization. Want to see how your entire company or an individual section is doing? Or perhaps a particular employee? Filter on anything with just a few clicks.

NPS report

This report enables customers to track the trend of their NPS development. Organizations can look at each NPS through a large number of views – e.g. by a particular location, country, time, employee, division etc. The view of the success of your organization anywhere in the world is just a single mouse click away.

NPS Frequency

This report shows the how many times your organization got each score. It also enables you to drill down into each score separately for analytics of comments. Just like the other reports, this one also has many filtering options.

NPS segment report

Segmented report on NPS can provide you with information about the popularity of your organization in certain areas for certain customers or a given segment of people.

NPS Development Report

This report shows the evolution of your critics / passively satisfied users / promoters in time. A clear form enables you to monitor whether your company is doing well or getting worse. You can also filter the report by selected segments.

Report comparing divisions

This report enables a clear a comparison of all your divisions and branches on a single page. InsightSofa provides the ability to export all graphs in various formats so that you can bring them to your meetings at any time.