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How can your Manufacturing business benefit?

Follow our example of InsightSofa Enterprise™ implementation in manufacturing.

Distribute and sell your products

  • Receive feedback about experience with your representatives and partners
  • Customer after-sale survey is sent out automatically
  • Surveys are tailored to each segment or group of your products
  • See improvement suggestions to your products and services instantly

Instant feedback and analysis

  • Feedback is available in real-time and continuously
  • Each department receives tailored data and results
  • Reports about  needed improvements are generated automatically
  • Receive alerts if customer satisfaction changes suddenly

Implement improvements

  • Generate reports for your management meetings
  • Implement, monitor and reward fulfilled KPIs for different areas
  • Get regular email reports about performance and trends
  • Improve satisfaction thanks to our automated customer retention centre

Get meaningful data

  • Performance of your entire distribution network
  • Service level quality in all your departments
  • Customer satisfaction with your products, services or representatives
  • Direct suggestions how to improve your products and services

Immediate customer feedback

Anonymous feedback collected directly in all of your locations

Terminals in all your premises

  • Direct feedback on your products, stores, staff or services
  • Motivate your personnel and drive improvement
  • Show your customers and partners, that their opinion matters
  • Fast and simple use for maximum customer engagement

Instant feedback and analysis

  • Let your customers tell you about their experience
  • Find out easily what could be improved
  • Use One Touch™ as a powerful management and reporting tool
  • Receive alerts if customer satisfaction changes suddenly

Empower to improve

  • Full overview of customer satisfaction backed by data
  • Use satisfaction and trend reports during staff and management meetings
  • Efficient way to compare you products, locations, shifts
  • Respondents will tell you exactly what to focus on and improve

Get meaningful data

  • Service level quality at all your locations
  • Customer satisfaction with your products, services and representatives
  • Suggestions how to improve your products or services
  • Employee satisfaction

Instant customer satisfaction survey

One-time customer satisfaction and experience survey

Customer experience data

  • Quick and reliable customer satisfaction survey
  • Receive new improvement ideas for your company
  • Simple way to verify performance of your representatives
  • Find out more about your employee satisfaction

Service without commitments

  • Start with a Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • The entire customer experience survey is set up for you
  • Your respondent database is uploaded for customer satisfaction survey
  • Results and data is presented to you, including improvement suggestions

Company management

  • Receive detailed reports about customer satisfaction
  • Your customers will tell you what to focus on or improve
  • Find out which of your products or services need more work
  • Get feedback on your staff knowledge and behaviour

Get useful data

  • Service level quality across all your segments
  • Customer satisfaction with your products, services and representatives
  • Suggestions how to improve your products and services
  • Employee satisfaction