Customer Experience Management. Solved.

Turbocharge your business growth by measuring and managing your customer safisfaction.

Customer feedback collection

First class in customer feedback collection

Reach out and listen to your customers wherever they are. InsightSofa allows full CRM/ERP system integration to maximise the power of your data and improve its quality. With the built-in editor, every part of your business is able to optimise customer surveys to return above average response rates.

NPS® Data analysis and evaluation

Taylored reports for each of your Team Members

Let all your employees benefit from the internationally recognised Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) methodology. InsightSofa Customer Satisfaction Surveys build and further expand on this standard to provide pixel perfect reports. These can be tailored to the needs of every function in your company. All the relevant customer information is ready for everyone in one dashboard. Analyse the organisation as a whole, per branch or down to the individual employee. Find out where investment pays off the most.

Customer Retention

Listen. React. Grow!

With InsightSofa you can quickly identify all your unhappy customers and follow up with them. Allow your company leaders to form strategies and use data to drive high customer loyalty and retention. By keeping your current customers, you are already saving the extra cost of acquiring new ones. Learn how can your satisfied customers help to promote your business.

Customer oriented organisation

Focus where it matters

Measuring is just a start. Every level of your organisation can now listen to your customers and employees thanks to a friendly and user specific data presentation in our dashboard. Get the commitment and collaborate where it matters. Use InsightSofa to achieve sustainable growth and build a Customer Experience oriented business.

Stress free implementation

Start today.
Grow tomorrow.

Stay ahead of the game and use the power of your customer’s words. Gain a competitive advantage with the correct use of the NPS® and focus on Customer Experience Management. With InsightSofa you are not only getting a proven enterprise solution but also our experience and help with the most efficient implementation.

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