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Insightsofa WebSight™

Feedback on the web

Discover the customer experience directly on your website, e-shop or inside your app

Find out how your customers feel about your website, what they miss and what they praise.

Detailed feedback, delivered immediately after the customer experience.

InsightSofa WebSight are small pop-ups that you place on your website. Appropriately, and at the right time, they ask the visitor how satisfied they are with the page they are currently on. What he would recommend to improve and if anything is preventing him from completing the intended process.

Your customers’ opinion available in real time

Easily customizable, they will fit into your site very effectively.

Very powerful (provide high response rates)

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Built for websites, e-shops and apps.

InsightSofa WebSight is customized for use on websites, e-shops and inside apps. In all places, they are sufficiently aligned with the design, while still being visible enough for your users.

Very fast evaluation for users – 3 clicks

Separate versions for desktop, tablet and mobile

Many versions of surveys for different pages (cart, product, contact, etc.)

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Perfect, simple methodology.
Net Promoter Score

Are you a product manager?
Pay attention!

Are you in charge of a product and want it to be as successful as possible? Follow customers, how they use the product, what they miss and what they want to improve. They are the ones who make your product successful.
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Wow, 23% of customers recommend adding a chat feature.

How about trying to implement chat into our app..?

Did you know that our contact form on checkout is not working?

Fix the contact form immediately…

17% of customers say they overlooked the card payment option

Mark, please make the card payment much more visible.

The black color on the product background looks very sad.

Let’s try to make the background much more vivid, Adele?

Is graphic design your job?
Check it out!

Want to make sure your graphic design idea “meets” your customers’ ideas? Ask them directly where they look at your design. Refine it according to them and rejoice in your success.
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Are sales your responsibility?
Get it started!

Does it seem to you that products could sell even better? Don’t know why not? Then directly ask those who buy your product. Exactly where they’re wondering whether to buy.
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14% of people complain that they won’t buy a product with a 4-day delivery.

Immediately negotiate different delivery terms with the carrier.

35% of customers would buy 2 products if they got a discount.

Let’s come up with a bundle of 2 products at a discount.

The product has an incorrect and incomplete description.


Martin, please add and correct the description on the product page.

43% of customers only found out about the product from the website.

Let’s start a PPC campaign and inform customers about the product.

Doing marketing?
Tell them what they need!

Want to be a marketing super-hero? Do you want to make campaigns and deliver the exact information your customers are missing? Don’t know how? It’s easy. Ask them exactly where they are looking for information. And jumpstart your professional career.
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Very easy to implement.
Provides incredibly useful data.

All you need to place InsightSofa WebSight widgets is to put a short code on your site, and then you can control everything from the InsightSofa app. Define on which pages to display the widget, how many times, to whom, etc. And get the data to move you forward.

Different questionnaires for different pages

Clear rules on when and to whom to show surveys (and how often)

Very easy to implement

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News about Insightsofa WebSight™

New: Web Inquiry – WebSight module

New: Web Inquiry – WebSight module

Introducing a brand new module to measure customer experience directly on your website. The WebSight module allows you to integrate polling on the actual customer experience on different pages. This makes it easy to find out how satisfied customers are with the content of your site, the quantity and quality of content, the design of the site, or the entire buying process, for example. The module delivers an endless stream of customer suggestions for various improvements to make your website a truly powerful sales channel. At the same time, this module further complements our "omni-channel customer experience" philosophy. Or collecting customer experience across all possible channels in which you meet your customers. Same methodology, with comparable data. Contact us to get an accurate quote.

Just one more step to measurement on your website

    Get a complete customer experience measurement tool.