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InsightSofa Now™

One-off surveys

Know your strengths and weaknesses through the eyes of your customers. Almost instantly.

A quick survey with detailed results according to the Net Promoter Score methodology.

Deliver customer experience results within 2 weeks of assignment.

InsightSofa Now™ is the solution when you need a quick view of customer or employee satisfaction. It’s a one-time process, with detailed results in about a week. If you choose to do surveys on a regular basis, you can find historical data in the app and track trends.
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Detailed view of satisfaction
and suggestions for improvement

InsightSofa Now results in deep insight into customer satisfaction. Their suggestions for improvement, weakest and strongest points. Including segmentation by region, service, product, etc.

You get a complete view of current satisfaction

Recommendations for development/correction

Customer segmentation (supporters, passives, detractors)

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Perfect and simple methodology.
Net Promoter Score

Leverage strengths for marketing. Find opportunity in weaknesses.

View results by product, service, region, sales representative, etc.

Uncover your customers’ ideas and turn them into your action plans.

Feedback greatly enhances staff motivation to perform better.

Validate your decisions in near real time and use positive feedback for your reference marketing.

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We will deliver the results„turnkey“.
With minimal interaction.

InsightSofa Now™ is a service designed to save you as much time as possible. Leave all the worrying to us and let us handle your turnkey customer experience insights.
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Easier than you think.
We can do it online.

Truly dedicated project
manager. From start to finish.

Proper implementation into a business involves understanding your organization, the processes within the business and the goals set. A dedicated project manager is available throughout the implementation to lead all meetings and ensure a worry-free implementation of InsightSofa. You can contact him at any time to address your current needs.

Clearly defined process
saves time on both sides.

We have done many implementations from small companies to multinational organizations, operating in more than 20 countries. We have developed plans for companies of all sizes and complexity of requirements.

Initial consultation, familiarization and analysis of the current state of affairs

Definition of objectives and project plan

Building a structure of polling, trigger points and touch points

Creation of text and graphic design of the solution

Implementation of the solution, interfacing with external systems

Test version, testing and commenting

Training on how to work with the system and customer experience

Launch of the live solution

We minimize all “birth” pains.
We’ve already been through them.

Introducing a customer-centric approach to your business is a complex activity in which you can run into a lot of problems. Rely on us. We’ve seen many problems, solved them, and we won’t let them occur to you.

We will deliver the implementation „turnkey“.
With minimal interaction.

From the initial meeting to overseeing the right course and working with the customer experience. We are here for you. And we love doing it.

News about InsightSofa Now™

Interesting reference projects

Super zoo

One-off surveys are a great and quick source of data for Superzoo to make timely decisions. With InsightSofa Now, they learn useful data for their marketing and sales activities.


Linet is the largest manufacturer of hospital beds in the world. With InsigtSofa Now, Linet explores the customer experience in every country in the world where the company operates. The results then help them in new product development, marketing and sales activities.


Elfetex measures customer satisfaction with the InsightSofa Now tool. It regularly (once a month) obtains customer satisfaction and experience across all of the company’s touchpoints.

Alza CZ a.s.

We conduct one-off surveys for Alza in InsightSofa Now. This is a quick way to determine customer or employee experience based on clearly defined rules.

Just one more step to know your customers

    Get a complete customer experience measurement tool.