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Software and hardware to manage the business according to customer and employee experience. Solved.

The leading platform for collecting, evaluating and managing the customer experience at all customer touch points. Over 11 years of development helping companies build more profitable customer relationships. Fully GDPR compliant and ISO27001 compliant.

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At the right time, wherever they are.
Get everyone’s views.

to your customers’ opinions.

Customize activities and drive growth.

Discover your strengths and weaknesses in real time, according to the NPS®

Use easy-to-understand interactive reports designed to strengthen your business.

Get a complete customer experience management tool.

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Online polling Terminals and kiosks

Transform your critics into your brand ambassadors!

By recognizing a dissatisfied customer in real time, you respond before they switch to a competitor.

A follow-up system will see to it that all dissatisfied customers are actually addressed.

The entire process of resolving an (un)satisfied customer, including communication, is handled directly in InsightSofa.

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Online polling Terminals and kiosks

Simplicity. Clarity. Innovation.

Based on the Net Promoter Score® methodology.

Leverage strengths for marketing. Find opportunity in weaknesses.

View results by product, service, region, sales rep, etc.

Validate your decisions in near real-time and use positive feedback for your reference marketing.

Uncover your customers’ suggestions and translate them into your action plans.

Feedback greatly enhances staff motivation to perform better.

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Online polling Terminals and kiosks

Put feedback into the hands of colleagues on their activities.

Users see relevant data, tailored to their position, to help them improve their performance.

Unlimited licenses to access the mobile app or web interface to view data.

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No additional obligations. A solution that works automatically.

Automatic collection, evaluation and reporting of feedback.

Notifications for specific conditions you should focus on.

Ready for huge mailings with very high return rates.

Data exchange with external systems is bidirectional via API (or in bulk via XLSX, CSV, etc.).

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Online polling Terminals and kiosks

From problem to remedy.
From opportunity to action.

  • Collection
  • Evaluation
  • Reporting
  • Retention
  • Action

Fast implementation. Easy to use.
Flawless training.

Implementation of InsightSofa directly from the creators of the application.
Take advantage of our 11+ years of experience implementing CX into companies.
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