System data collection

InsightSofa is loaded with the state-of-the-art tools to increase response rates to Net Promoter Score surveys of your organization. By targeting the user’s mobile phones, tablets and various computers we make sure that the customer can communicate their sentiment about your services from wherever they are. Response rates may exceed 60 percent.

Key features

Surveys are optimized for the highest possible response rate. Key features of InsightSofa surveys include:

  • Responsive structure of the surveys
  • Fully branded surveys
  • 100% multilingual surveys
  • Standard NPS question + L1/L2 supplementary questions

Built-in survey editor

It’s only up to you whether you choose one of the predefined responsive surveys or create one tailored to your organization. With the Net Promoter Score survey advanced editor you can modify almost all survey parameters.

Multilingual surveys

Do you have foreign customers or various branches around the world? Use only one instance InsightSofa. The system figures out where the customer is from and what language they speak, and adapts the survey language accordingly. That also contributes to unmatched response rates in the InsightSofa application.

Tagged feedback

It’s often the case that customer feedback is not clear what exactly a customer complains about or what the nature of their discontent is. InsightSofa includes supervisory mechanisms which help to correctly classify feedback to a department where it really belongs. The results achieved often reach 90%.