Benefits of customer oriented organisation

The intention of Customer Experience Management (CEM/CX) is to understand the view your customer has about your product or services and use it to improve your organisation. In today’s world full of information, the customer has more influence than ever. With the right tools in your hands you can use the power of word-of-mouth to your benefit. Remember that acquiring a new customer is 5 to 10 times more expensive than keeping a current one.

Understand CX today. Use it for Growth tomorrow.

Comprehensive Customer Experience Management approach involves a journey towards influencing and optimising your processes as well as behaviour shift in the whole company. Data available in real time provided by advanced survey tools such as InsightSofa will help you and your entire organisation to build a Customer Experience oriented company.

Through education and innovation

Get your whole company on board and drive a behavioural shift. Let everybody understand that your competition is always the best experience customer had with another product or company. Discover our automated InsightSofa Customer Experience Management tools with fully customisable features. We will even assist you along your journey for a 100% successful implementation. Just like we did in other customer oriented companies around the globe.

Advantages of Net Promoter Score®

The NPS® methodology is a way of gauging customer loyalty. In connection with a powerful software solution such as InsighSofa, NPS® offers a simple way of presenting feedback to the entire company. With enhanced reporting capabilities the NPS® is not just a number. Watch as the growth of Net Promoter Score® is related to the growth of revenue. Adopt this approach backed by research.

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