Sit down and let us take care of all the heavy lifting

Tailor made dashboards for each job position. Use charts and graphs with eye popping graphics and instantly identify your strengths and weaknesses whilst getting suggestions for improvements at the same time.

First class data collection

Data collection is critical in understanding customer experience. Fully customisable graphics and content with our built-in email and survey editor. All devices and channels used in customer replies are automatically identified. If there is no reply a detailed report is issued explaining why and how to fix that. Achieve 20% survey response rates and get 60% of those customers to give you their own comments!

Easy to understand data

Raw data is displayed as a story that you will understand. A number of predefined reports provides a comprehensive insight about your customers. Connect your CRM/ERP data with your customer’s feedback, giving you new and valuable information. Discover praise or criticism from your big spenders and compare those to your regular shoppers and customers with the highest growth potential. How do your customers see your company’s strengths and weaknesses? InsightSofa puts it all at your fingertips.

Mapping and analyzing the customer life cycle

Customer’s opinion at a specific moment depends on their current mood and experience. InsightSofa allows you to define different types of touchpoints and surveys to suit various situations in the customer lifecycle. Questionnaires are automatically sent for each touchpoint to uniquely identify your strengths and weaknesses. You can then decide what to improve or even delegate automatically.

Retain customers.
Create promoters.

Retention mechanisms built into InsightSofa allow to set warning levels when an unhappy customer is flagged up. Retention centre employees receive these cases, track them and work to successfully close them. Timely contact with dissatisfied customers gives 80% chance to save your reputation and even transform detractors into promoters!

Crossing borders and language barriers

Regardless of where your customers live or what language do they speak, InsightSofa automatically sends out invitation and survey in their native language. Information about the location from which the surveys were completed is also displayed.

Share valuable insights throughout your organisation

To get the most out of Customer Experience Management (CEM), the voice of your customer (VOC) must reach all levels of your organisation. Each level needs its own reports and other decision-making data. InsightSofa provides a tailored dashboard for each employee in real time.

Hierarchical data access

Full access to all data for each of the employees is not required. Does your organisation have international operations or is split into branches? InsightSofa lets you precisely define which data is accessible for which of the users. Managing Director would then for example see all the countries and all the segments, whilst a Regional Manager would only see a set country and a Segment Manager a set segment.

Seamless integration with your brand

Communicate with your customer through your own brand identity. Our software works under your own web domain and is fully tailored to your business needs. No other logos or brands are associated with your surveys, giving customers the best impression possible.

Fully compatible with your current system

Get the most out of Customer Experience Management thanks to InsightSofa API links to your existing systems for a trouble free integration. Contact us for more information.

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